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Pivoting Your Career Path with Gina Riley
Episode 3716th November 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“If you're making a pivot, you have to first get clear on yourself. You have to make a plan and you have to take off bite-sized pieces,” explains Gina Riley, career transition coach and executive search consultant. Today, Gina joins host Kiley Peters to talk about how to pivot your career path as an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur. 

When you are considering bringing on a new team member, it is important to find the right person for the job. The perfect candidate will not only have the skill sets and competencies to do the job well, but will also be passionate about the position and feel aligned with the company’s values. In order to hire the right people, you have to ask the right questions during the interview. Using behavioral questions that are based on the actual skills required in the position is a proven way to get candidates to tell stories about relevant past job performances. If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, but are not quite at that step yet, don’t be afraid to make it a “slow burn”. Get very clear on who you are and what you want to achieve with your business, but do not leave your corporate job until you are fully secure. 

Before making a pivot on your career path it is vital that you get really sure about who you are as a person, what your values are, and what you want to achieve. Make a plan and start doing small steps rather than trying to make a huge change all at once. 


  • “Let's say you have to go to market or you need to bring in a new teammate. The first thing is to get very clear on what skills you need in that individual.” (11:57-12:06 | Gina) 
  • “The reason why you want to use behavioral questions is because you're going to be 85% more accurate in making your choice, because past stories are the best indicator of future performance.” (13:16-13:29 | Gina)
  • “Sometimes we go down a path because we think it feels right or it's in our head, and then we realize in our gut, in our heart, it's not working. And we have to be humble enough to say, ‘Oh, I made a choice that wasn't the right direction for me’. So we may call that failure, but I call it learning. That's information that I shouldn't be heading that direction, and I need to realign.” (25:17-25:43 | Gina)
  • “If you're making a pivot, you have to first get clear on yourself. You have to make a plan and you have to take off bite-sized pieces.” (30:10-30:20 | Gina)


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