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Mining Technology Partners Podcast - Cindy Collins 11th June 2018
Episode 11 – Chrysos Corporation´s Photon Assay Technology Challenging the Fire Assay
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Episode 11 – Chrysos Corporation´s Photon Assay Technology Challenging the Fire Assay

Dirk Treasure, CEO of Chrysos Corporation joins us to explain the company’s PhotonAssay technology. Developed by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and brought to market by Chrysos, photon gold analyses is a faster, safer and more environmentally-friendly alternative to the conventional fire assay technique for gold analysis.

Fully automated, PhotonAssay dramatically reduces the turnaround time on assays from days to minutes, providing critical data to miners on gold grades in near real-time to support operational decisions. The PhotonAssay can be taken to remote sites or the laboratory and is seen as a technology with a competitive return on investment that will increase gold recovery for mines all over the world.

Dirk explains how this powerful system detects gold in low PPB, requires little or no sample preparation and has a high, automated sampling rate without the disadvantages of other techniques.

Links, how to get in contact and more information:

A technical paper describing Chrysos’ PhotonAssay technology has been published in the journal “Applied Radiation and Isotopes”.

PhotonAssay Specification: http://chrysos.com.au/our-products/chrysos-photonassay-pa1408x-specification/

Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/company/chrysos-corporation-limited/

In the media http://chrysos.com.au/2016/08/30/photonassay-in-the-media/











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