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Sage Aging - Liz Craven EPISODE 10, 2nd June 2020
Elder Law Explained: Estate Planning
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Elder Law Explained: Estate Planning

Elder Law Explained: Estate Planning, is the first episode of a five-part series addressing the legal side of the aging process. We've all heard that saying "Nothing is sure but death and taxes", but I'd argue that confusion surrounding legal matters as we age is a pretty sure thing. Did you know that less than 40% of adults aged 50 and older have an estate plan in place? Are you aware that an estate plan isn't just for wealthy people? Are you familiar with the terms will, living will, power of attorney and trust and do you know what they mean? Or if you even need them? We answer all these questions and more on this episode of sage aging.

Here is what we cover

  • Who needs to be concerned with estate planning?
  • The word "estate" is often misunderstood for wealth. What is an estate?
  • What is estate planning?
  • When should one create an estate plan?
  • What Happens if I don’t have a plan?
  • Key Components of an estate plan: Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Trust
  • Can someone DIY an Estate Plan?

Resources & Links

Read the full transcript in the episode 10 blog post at SageAging.us

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