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427. Sacred Relationships and Cosmic Medicine with Réyel Byrd
Episode 42718th May 2021 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Shamanic healer, seer, and astrologer, Réyel Byrd, shares her potent medicine with the Almost 30 community in a heart-opening episode that explores the abundance of her energetic gifts and layered lineage. Krista and Lindsey have been long-time fans and followers of Réyel on Twitter and Instagram (@blksoltheory) for her quick and elegant truths. They are so excited to introduce her to the Almost 30 community.

In this therapeutic voyage, K + L reflect on the profound takeaways from their private sessions with Réyel, delving into the cosmic world of visions, spirit animals, and plant-healing, as well as discussing more three-dimensional themes of relationships, childhood trauma, and shadow work.

Through in-depth psychological insights and multi-dimensional connections, Réyel invites you to rip off your mask of ego, reclaim your power, and come back home to your most authentic expression of self. 

We also talk about:

  • Unpacking the downloads and lessons from K + L’s sessions 
  • Sacred relationships, singlehood, and trauma bonds
  • Doing shadow work to cultivate self-love and understanding
  • Wearing masks and self-abandonment
  • Working with the ego
  • Réyel’s connections to the galactic universe 
  • Exploring lineage

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Sunday, May 23rd

Choose from 2 screening times: 1:00 pm EST & 8:00 pm EST


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