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Episode 51: Goals, Transparency, and #OneWord for 2023 with Darrin Peppard
Episode 5125th December 2022 • Leaning into Leadership • Darrin Peppard
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Let's reflect on 2022, our goals, our successes, and our short comings. Great leaders are the ones who are willing to be open and transparent about their work. Great leaders are the ones who are aware of their failures and look at failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. As my friend Wade Stanford shared this week, "It is nearly impossible for you to have your best idea the first time you think about something. The most likely way to uncover important insights is to frequently revisit a problem. The longer you're in the game, the more ideas bubble up to the surface. Time unlocks insights."

Today's episode has me sharing my goals from 2022 and sharing both the successes and the areas where I missed the mark. As well, I'm sharing my 2023 goals, reflecting on my #oneword for 2022 (which was #impact) and unveiling the word for 2023.

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