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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 58, 7th June 2021
Chapter 58. The perfect vocal (take two).
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Chapter 58. The perfect vocal (take two).

It could be said that TCD is well on the way to becoming the podcast equivalent of public service broadcasting.

I mean where else can you find out what a 'Bus' is and, more importantly, why it is useful (when there's only one-a-day in the shires), how to insult somebody with a motorised fader and the reason why you never see a Cricket Umpire enter the pitch without putting his gin & tonic down.

Confused yet?

Of course not, you have all been listening to this for too long to expect our conversations to be er... linear.

And what's ANY of it got to do with a perfect vocal? No, me neither.



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