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Dana Schwartz (Noble Blood): Bruce Willis, very British words, bad art friends
Episode 415th November 2021 • Follow Friday •
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Let's get one thing clear: Despite what some of her podcast critics might claim, Dana Schwartz is not a monarchist.

"The whole point of Noble Blood is me pointing out that these royals are just normal people," she says. "I think they're interesting people because they've been given unchecked power often throughout history, but for the record, I don't think that that's the best system of government."

And after telling true stories of various monarchs for years on that podcast, Dana has turned her focus to Hollywood royalty in the new show Haileywood. In it, she chronicles Bruce Willis' attempt to remake a small town in Idaho in his own image.

"He wants to be anonymous, but also wants to be famous and have the power of fame, but only on his terms," she explains. "As a character study, if nothing else, it's incredibly fascinating."

Today on Follow Friday, Dana talks about some other incredibly fascinating people, who she follows online: Absurdist comedian Chris Fleming; author and soothing TikTokker Victoria Aveyard; writer and comedian Adam Hess; and journalist/podcaster Michael Hobbes.

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