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Wendy Nicholas
Episode 227th October 2020 • On brand with .... • Deborah Ogden
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“If you were to take care of yourself the way you deserve, what would that look like?” Wendy Nicholas

The global pandemic has pushed wellbeing to the top of many agendas - the uncertainty, anxiety and sheer exhaustion in some cases, suggest there is a huge mental health 'fall out' on the cards.

In this conversation Wendy shares her experiences of dealing with burn out and how for some people it's not so easy to 'just slow down'.

Her specialism is working with professionals who deal with traumatic material on a day to day basis including criminal and family lawyers, police, health and education professionals.

On top of all that she's one of life's radiators. A joy to be around, straight talking and proud of her Yorkshire roots, she managed to sit still long enough to record this conversation .... as she says, her biggest challenge is practising what she preaches!

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