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Learn to Love Your Sleep with Dr Kim Dwyer
Episode 4012th September 2022 • Life on Repeat: A Dementia Caregiver Podcast • Laura Vaillancourt
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What do humans beings spend more time doing than anything else?


Dr. Kim was so kind to share about all things sleep with us in this episode. Caregivers often struggle with sleep whether it is due to increased stress, worry or needing to be awake and alert to care for loved ones.

Did you know that what you do in the morning has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep that night? Or that being up for 19 hours will impair you at the equivalency of being intoxicated?

We learn about:

  • The ramifications of not getting good sleep
  • Why total sleep is not the same as quality of sleep
  • What good sleep hygiene looks like
  • New science about sleep
  • Why we are poor historians of our sleep
  • Sleep aids and sleep supplements
  • Creative ways of addressing insomnia

Dr. Kimberley Dwyer is a clinical psychologist, author and business coach. She has over two decades of experience working with adults, teens and children, and excels at the treatment of anxiety, stress and managing transitional times. Her most recent book release fore adults, Mindful Mondays: Transforming the Everyday to Claim Calm and Reduce Stress, supports people with everyday strategies for mindfulness during daily living.

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Dr. Kim wrote a great article about sleep here: A Good Night's Sleep

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