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When People Change with Rachel Bernstein of The Indoctrination Podcast
Episode 9425th April 2022 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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We don’t know what we don’t know. 

Today we are talking with Rachel Bernstein about cults and stories of healing. It’s a dark world that most know little about, and most won’t until it hits home. But, as we discuss today, research into the topic is just getting started on the physiology of influence and manipulation. 

With every episode, perspective is a powerful tool to influence how you see and interact with the world, even when stories are hard to hear or imagine. Those stories will shape and leave you with a lasting feeling and empathy towards others.

Key Topics:

·     How do you specialize in the study of cults (1:21)

·     How prolific are cult-like groups in the world (6:44)

·     What inspired this work to become a podcast (8:43)

·     How do you get people to listen to a show like this before they need it (11:41)

·     What have been some of the impacts you heard as a result of the podcast (15:52)

·     From a napkin to launch, what were some of those first steps (19:23)

·     What is your advice to others who might be looking to start a podcast or heal from a cult-like trauma (25:44)

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****Here are a list of resources for those needing/seeking safe and legal abortion services in the US that were mentioned during this episode's pre-roll.***

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