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Episode 723rd August 2023 • Behind the Bob • Carrie-Ann Wade
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In this episode of Behind the Bob, Diary of a Comms Director, Carrie-Ann Wade shares her thoughts and reflections on why communications professionals make good leaders.

03:26 - it's all about communication

04:04 - decision making

05:35 - taking action

06:57 - caring about the consequences

09:38 - creativity and curiosity

10:58 - "being strategic"

There are so many reasons why good communications professionals make good leaders, not that Carrie-Ann needs to tell you that.

If you are looking to step into a leadership position, or you are a leader who is considering your purpose and impact, then now is the time to reflect and consider what sort of leader you want to be. And why stop at comms? When comms pros rule the world who knows what could happen...


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