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Meet The Author with Chris Clearfield
5th January 2022 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Join us as author Chris Clearfield shares with us insights from his most recent book "Meltdown: Why Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About It" with co-host Gary Wong and our community members.

Today, we are in the golden age of meltdowns. More and more of our systems are in the danger zone, but our ability to manage them hasn’t quite caught up. The result: things fall apart. This book is for people to understand that preventing meltdowns is within their grasp.


  • Why do our systems fail and meltdowns occur?
  • Why are safety systems the biggest single source of catastrophic failure in complex, tightly coupled systems?
  • How can Dissent and Diversity help us avoid failure in a complex world?
  • How can we make meltdowns less likely without involving painful trade-offs?


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