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27 -Advancing Insights with Behavioral Biometrics
Episode 2730th August 2022 • Greenbook Podcast • Greenbook
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In this week's episode, our host Lenny Murphy, is joined by a team of professionals working with non-conscious measurements, human-behavioral biometrics, a trinity committed to bridging the gap between humans and machines:  Peter Hartzbech, Rana el Kaliouby, and Martin Krantz. Join their exploration of how human, behavioral research will play a central role in every organization's success, and at every level.

In this episode, we'll explore:

  • What is meant by human insight ai (spoiler alert: it includes machine learning and non-conscious measurement, such as facial coding, eye-tracking and other biometrics
  • The ethos around teaching machines to anticipate, and potentially mimic, human behavior
  • A research future with behavioral biometrics and how to scale it out to other markets

Many thanks to Peter, Rana and Martin, for being our guests. Thanks also to our producer, Karen Lynch, our editor, James Carlisle.