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On a Learning Journey with Gary Coombe
1st October 2021 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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Gary Coombe is the CEO of Gillette, P&G, a wonderfully warm human and an absolute inspiration. He has learned a lot, and made mistakes, in his 35 years with P&G. Lots of leaders pay lip service to the fact that people are their most important asset. Gary is committed to living it. His insights are important to all leaders at all levels everywhere - whether leading a team of 3 or 500.  

1/ Diversity and Inclusion is not a nice to have, it’s a business imperative. The strongest teams, winning teams, are diverse teams. Fact! Top tips: 

  • Insist recruiters offer a full range of diverse candidates. Don’t put up with anything less. 
  • Set up reverse mentoring schemes to empathise with unusual suspects at all levels 
  • Promote diverse talent to the most senior positions and you will unleash the full enthusiasm of diverse talent across your organisation 

2/ Use the two way door principle to decision making to empower leaders at all levels to learn by doing

3/ Wellbeing is a weapon we can win with. We should be at least as concerned with looking after our people as we are with maintaining machinery. Do not encourage your teams to work hard and lose sleep at the expense of their health. Don’t just talk about it. Live it. Make it ok for people to relax and recharge… they’ll be more productive and less likely to leave. 

And most importantly - business success and human centred culture are inexorably linked.

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