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Tips for Measuring and Analyzing Your Videos with Elizabeth Pierce
Episode 774th August 2021 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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If you’re producing video after video, you need to know how well they’re doing.

Are they effective? Is there room for improvement? Do they cover everything they need to?

You won’t know unless you measure and analyze your videos!

Elizabeth Pierce, Senior Director of Learning Experience and Consulting at TaskUs, joined The Visual Lounge to share her thoughts behind measuring video engagement.

Elizabeth has 20 plus years of experience working in the learning and development space as a fantastic leader and advisor. She’s dedicated to driving a progressive learning culture throughout organizations to meet company, customer, and employee goals for strategic growth. She’s worked with big names such as Walmart, Oracle, Uber, Eventbrite, and Glassdoor.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • Why the first step in creating video is to get clear on company goals
  • How collaboration and communication are key
  • The best ways to test engagement
  • Why video is usually a better option than PowerPoint presentations
  • What to consider before creating a learning management system
  • The challenges of training remotely

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