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Research Focus: Stress Hormones and Neonatal Puppies
Episode 9427th April 2022 • The Good Dog Pod • Good Dog
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Today we are joined by Dr. Jasmine Fusi from the University of Milan. Dr. Fusi studies everything relating to canine (and feline) reproduction, including intensive care for neonates, artificial insemination, neonatal health, and much more. In this episode, we dive into her research looking at stress hormones & newborn puppies.

Dr. Fusi uses a non-invasive method to measure hormone levels in puppies, which involves taking samples of their nails at regular intervals. We know that the conditions a human experiences in utero can have an effect on their entire life; Dr. Fusi is researching what different hormone levels (for example, cortisol) can do for a puppy's neonatal health as well as for their entire life experience. Contrary to what you might think, it's actually important for puppies to have a certain amount of cortisol to get them to take their first breaths (though too much cortisol is detrimental, so you need a balance!). Listen to the episode to get to know more about Dr. Fusi's research.

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