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Self-Care for the Gut
Episode 1222nd October 2019 • The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care • Alison Katschkowsky
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Today’s episode continues a monthly focus on the different aspects of Self Care, and we continue with a subject that is so interconnected for our entire body--Self Care for your Gut.

Aside from the obvious part of our gut being the place where food and drink goes to nourish our bodies---our guts harbor and help direct production of essential bacteria and other substances that help our brain and communication systems run more effectively.

Like the rest of our self care-- it’s important that we have a strategy in place to make sure our gut health is a top priority. Gut health helps with immune system function, metabolism, keeping our brain in check, clearing out ‘brain fog’, and helps us stay off the low energy and cravings train.

In today’s episode, I share four (4) of the biggest ways gut health influences our self care, and give you some tips on foods you can incorporate in your diet to better your gut health.

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