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10 easy steps to run a profitable pig farming business!
Episode 6324th February 2021 • Farmer's Inside Track • Food For Mzansi
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In this week’s episode of Farmer’s Inside Track… Farming is a laborious and capital intensive business with numerous risk…But their are a few commodities that yield better financial return - like pig farming. Don’t miss todays – 10 easy steps to run a profitable pig farming business!

 At the end of apartheid, Kelo Kubu, along with many other black South Africans, was able to reclaim her ancestral farmland and thus she, unexpectedly, became a farmer. She shares her vision to educate these newfound landowners while her ag-tech accelerator focuses on teaching urban female farmers how to profit from their land.

Farmers choose Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need by Rieva Lesonsky as their book of the week. 

South Africa is fast becoming a significant player in the farming and export of saffron - by far the world’s most expensive spice. After years of perfecting the art of saffron cultivation in the Northern Cape, Bennie Engelbrecht, the founder and a director of Saffricon talks about the opportunities now open toMzansi farmers…

Mpumalanga vegetable Gugulethu Mahlangu’s farming mantra is “Diversify and plan ahead!” She says, "Farming may be the cornerstone of your business but consider what else you and your enterprise could do to achieve the best return from your assets".