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Everyone's a Fundraiser
Episode 4724th August 2022 • IMPACTability: The Nonprofit Leaders' Podcast • Soukup Strategic Solutions
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On this week's episode of IMPACTability®, we're joined by Becca Zebovitz, the Director of Donor Services at the Orthodox Union. She's here to tell us all about fundraising through her organizations feel-good story. Along the way we'll answer some important questions about how to get started and learn how to manage financial needs for multiple channels. Should you hire experts to start the fundraising process, or do you get current staff to add it to their duties? How will it all turn out? Find all the answers on this week’s episode of IMPACTability®!  


  • What is Orthodox Union? 2:15 
  • Success with Social Services 4:00 
  • Being "an Umbrella Organization" 5:40 
  • The necessity of fundraising 7:00 
  • How to create a new culture 13:33 
  • Finding potential fundraisers in your staff 15:08 
  • Keeping donors informed 17:25 
  • The challenges of competing organizational needs 18:30 

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