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98 - From Recession to Resilience - Leading Growth During Turbulent Times with Van Carlson
7th May 2024 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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Van Carlson is a seasoned expert in risk management, delves into the essence of effective leadership through the lens of his extensive experience. With over 24 years in the field, Carlson's journey from navigating the 2008 financial crisis to tapping into the power of 831(b) tax-deferred plans. He offers invaluable lessons on resilience and strategic foresight.

Carlson articulates the critical role of adaptive leadership in times of economic uncertainty, illustrating how a well-structured risk management plan can serve as a cornerstone for sustainable business growth. Carlson's insights shed light on the symbiotic relationship between leadership and risk management, where making informed, bold decisions can transform potential vulnerabilities into strengths. His narrative reinforces the idea that proactive leadership, characterized by anticipation, innovation, and a commitment to learning, is crucial in steering organizations toward long-term prosperity and stability.

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