55: Process Party Part 8 - Setting Budgets
Episode 556th August 2021 • Hot Young Designers Club | Interior Design Business Podcast • Hot Young Designers Club
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In Part 8 of our Process Party series we're breaking down how we set budget expectations with our clients. Whether it's furnishing our remodeling projects, we have to set proper expectations early. Because money isn't just part of the conversation - it is the conversation! Head to our show notes for details on how to download our free HYDC Client Budgeting Guide.


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Stuff they mentioned:

We're continuing our Summer Skip Schedule to publish new episodes every other week

We would love to take a Summer sourcing trip to France or Morocco

Rebecca is worried about everything she needs to accomplish before her Hawaiian vacation

Shaun's vacation plans for Provincetown, MA didn't come together, stay tuned for other vacation plans.

Shaun's loving Carolina Irving's Almaty Velvet fabric

We want to be good stewards of our clients' money and where it makes sense for their budgets to be spent

Listen back to Episode 44 Process Party: Furniture Education when we started these budget conversations

In our interview with Jacob Medina in Episode 26, he talked about using a Good/Better/Best model with clients to establish budget expectations.

We need to move past our own money stories and emotional hangups to be the best advocates for our clients

Shaun has found it helpful to use the National Home Remodeling Guide to help clients understand costs of remodeling or construction projects

These honest conversations help establish our credibility as trusted advisors for our clients

Shaun also implemented a minimum furnishing and accessory budget along with construction projects as a way to create a more sustainable business.

Head to our Resources Page to download the free PDF of our Client Budgeting Guide.



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