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#19 Emily Dong - The Power of Data in Increasing the Standard of Care
Episode 196th October 2019 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this interview, I speak with Emily Dong, the founder of PawPrint. PawPrint is the official pet medical record company. 

  • The What and Why PawPrint was created.
  • The issues caused by the lack of medical records.
  • The monetary and compliance benefit of having quality information.
  • The opportunities to embrace technology in vet med for a higher standard of care.
  • Emily’s background of being a non-veterinary medicine and the benefit to that.
  • The next stage for PawPrint.
  • Ensure you tuned in through the end, as it may seem like we wind down; we keep going on some details on PawPrint. Emily shares why she’s a fan of faxes even as a tech-centric company!


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