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True crime grapple - Dan Kelton EPISODE 30, 24th December 2019
Melanie McGuire "The Suitcase killer"

Melanie McGuire "The Suitcase killer"

Melanie McGuire had everything, a loving husband , 2 kids and about to move into a new house. There was just one issue, she was having an affair and wanted out of her marriage. Her solution? To kill her husband William and dismember his body into 3 suit cases.

She'll be forever known as the 'Suitcase killer'.

Show researched and written by Lana McCall, for enquiries contact her on lana.hiott@hotmail.com

Narrated by Dan Kelton

Music and editing by BaBaBeats

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To Have and To Kill: Nurse Melanie McGuire, an Illicit Affair, and the Gruesome Murder of Her Husband by John Glatt