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November 2022 Horoscopes: Eclipse Season Continues
Episode 2719th November 2022 • Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast • Laura von Holt, Alex Gershuny
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And happy birthday to the wonderful Scorpios of the world! As always, Laura and Alex are here to preach justice for Scorpios, a group that has to deal with constant disrespect from the rest of the zodiac (or at least that’s how Alex, a Scorpio, sees it). 

We’re still in the midst of eclipse season and Susan Miller is here to terrify her readers. Laura and Alex share Astrology Zone’s strategies for dealing with the difficult November 8 eclipse in Taurus, which includes plenty of practical advice that isn’t necessarily related to astrology. They also recap Susan’s monthly note to her readers, which unsurprisingly includes descriptions of her many business ventures, and more surprisingly includes descriptions of the paper and ink that she likes to use for her calendars.  

Alex then tells us what Scorpio can expect this month and for the rest of the year (hint: it’s time to mix and mingle!), and Laura shares what November has in store for Taurus and how eclipse season has affected her ability to purchase tickets to see Taylor Swift. Finally, proving that you never know what the gals will talk about next, the episode ends with a warning about insider trading.

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Note from Susan Miller: 02:19

Scorpio: 10:22

Taurus:  20:33

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