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Get in the game - How to get on track in life and in Marriage
Episode 28319th March 2024 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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Marriage, I am sure you like every treasure hunter on the planet had a plan...a map…a guide to get it right ! However life doesn’t just stand by and allow your plans to all come true. Nope. Life challenges those plans (AS IT SHOULD) I mean how real is a commitment If there’s never a need for a choice right ?

What do you do when your reality doesn’t line up with your goal ? Correct ! You take a step back and evaluate where you are , what got you there , and what is needed to get this show back on the road.

Reminder dude! Perfection is not the goal, excellence is our standard. Excellence can be achieved perfection however cannot. Intention , consistency, and action. It’s what I’ve coined living on purpose for a purpose. That purpose was once defined, with time and circumstance the shine of the purpose can grow dim. What’s deeply important is knowing you have the opportunity to be as good as you want to be it simply takes willingness.

I AM not here saying it will be easy , it will likely be messy. When you both become intentional and exercise the tools we provide it will become possible!



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Relationships and relationships 101, how to create and achieve relationship goals. Relationship coaches can help you turn a toxic relationships in to reconciled relationships.