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How to create your own LUCK in your CAREER?
Episode 519th July 2021 • Growth Velocity Show - Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Startup Tip‪s‬ • Howard Kingston
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#005 - How to create your own LUCK in your CAREER? Ever wonder why some people get all the luck, and sometimes you don’t? In this episode we talk about luck...and 3 ways to create it!

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Hey, guys, How do you create your own luck? So you get the success you know you are destined for? I want to talk about that. How is it that some people seem to be super lucky and get all the breaks in life? And then sometimes you can feel like, why don't I get the lucky breaks like other people? Why are other people being picked? And I'm not being picked? In this session, I want to talk about that. And if that's the way you're thinking, you're thinking about it all wrong.


Okay. And I want to share a common misconception people make is that things just happen, some people are lucky. I don't believe that. So in this session, I want to talk about three ways that you can create your own luck. And really, there's no luck involved.


All right, and I'm going to share specific examples of people I aspire to, and how I've modeled my behavior of them, as well as a specific person who I've seen this happen to only just today.


Okay. So today, I got an email from a successful company's CEO. And she emailed me this message, "Hey, Howard, just want to say a huge thanks for recommending me to Ryan, we have just taken her on. She'll be starting in April. Seems to be exactly what we need. Thanks so much." Now, that happened, because there's a student of ours that went through our Growth Velocity Academy program, and is in our level two program called Escape Velocity, our year-long program.


Ryan had a job and something happened with the company. And she was looking for a new role. This happens all the time. Right? Nothing unusual there. I heard this on one of the coaching calls that we do every week, every month, I should say. I chatted to her. And I heard that was her issue. So I reached out to some of my CEO friends and I said, hey, I've got this marketer. And she got quite a few interviews. Here's the thing, the important point of this is, why did I recommend Ryan to those other CEOs? Because I know, loads of marketers, like we have hundreds of marketers going through our program. And why did I recommend Ryan over other people? I want to talk about that today. And if you're in the shoes, and you're kind of going "How do I get recommended? Why doesn’t that happen to me?"


Alright, this is going to be really, really important for you, in all your life, whether you're looking for a job, you're looking for investment, you're looking for customers, whatever. Okay, so, tip number one is no one owes you anything. Okay?


So let's just use the Ryan example. I see so many people go through my courses, go through my coaching programs. And you know what, some of them don't get it. Some of them think that they can just kind of show up, do something like not really give 100% maybe 30% do the bare minimum, probably not even finished things, try and get a certification and they've done enough. And then they're confused. Why? Maybe they don't get a job afterward. All right. Now, for years. I always thought that you know, anyone could be taught. Yes, everyone can be taught. But I always thought that everyone could be successful if they're taught the right subject.


on that. Because I've taught:


And I remember one specifically, I won't call out his name, but he messaged me, like he did my program, maybe about three years ago, he met like, I did a post on Instagram, saying that we're looking for a, an intern for our company. And he messaged and said, he's interested in the internship role. And I was like, dude, you did this. You did my course three years ago, like at this point, you should be way beyond. I didn't say it to him, but you should be way beyond an intern level at this point. And can you see how some people seem to just make the grade and go on and others don't?


Alright, I think the single most important thing I just want to talk about here today is no one owes you anything. If you do a course, now, all of a sudden, the world doesn't owe you anything, all of a sudden, you're not entitled to get these amazing jobs. No, it's just one step in the right direction. It's a massive step and absolutely a huge positive step. But you got to keep on taking action. Entitlement kills me! Oh, I deserve this. It's just an ego thing. Right? So get that ego out of your way. You got to guys, it's competitive. You got to grind it, you got to work. And that's the first point, lose the entitlement and show up. And don't expect anything just to happen. Alright, so that's the first point.


Tip number two is to be like, Mike. Now, I'm a massive believer of building on the first thing I've just said there about no entitlement. The second thing is like be like Mike, and how you show up today, you show up every day. All right. Now, I was on a mastermind session as well as teaching people every single week. I also invest a huge amount of resource money and time, continuously learning myself. And I'm in this high level mastermind with million dollar companies, and founders and marketers. And I remember I was on a live Zoom mastermind session. And there's about maybe 30, 40, 50 of us on the call. And there was one guy called Mike on the session. He was probably the most successful one out there. He does about $50 million a year, very profitable business. He's an insanely successful guy. And I remember I was on the the zoom session, where there's a guy teaching something. And out of everyone, you know, the way you can comment on zoom and webinars, the way some people just sit there and are just a bit of a lurker, and they're kind of sitting back there kind of watching it. They're not engaging, and they're probably on their phone at the same time. I will tell you well, Mike, I noticed Mike was the most active on chats. He was live tweeting comments from the speaker. He was the first answering questions. He was asking and answering other people's questions that were coming in. And, you know, that made a big impression on me. Because if he's acting like that, and he's behaving like that, how should we or how should I have done it?


Just thought to myself, I was like, I need to be showing up like that. And I just took a big lesson. In Growth Velocity Academy, during our boot camp, on the first day, we teach everyone, I share that story, and I teach everyone to be like, Mike, because we can all share a lesson from that. If he's showing up that way. We all should.


Okay. And then the third is invest in your success and show up 100%. Okay, so let me zoom back to Ryan's example. Let's just look how she landed that job and how I chose to recommend her to everybody else, to all the startup founders and CEOs that I know tech companies VC backed companies. I know, because Ryan invested in herself, she came and joined my program. So many people, come out here about programs or I speak to people on the phone. They're like, Oh, no, you know, maybe next year, like maybe I want this, but you know, maybe next year. And Ryan just invested in herself, because she realized that's part of what it takes. She even joined our level two program. I've been coaching her since then. And ever since then, I've seen her, she is like Mike. She comes to every coaching session I do. She is the first to ask questions and answer questions in our Facebook community. She devours all the content that we do. She's now a coach on our group on our digital marketing programs, coaching other marketers. And she just constantly shows up, right? So not only did she invest in herself, but when you invest in yourself, and you join a program like that, think about it, all of a sudden, you're in this tribe, have other people who are successful, other people who are, ambitious and doing other things. And the community leader, which is me, in this case, I notice the people that show up. You think I don't notice, you think I don't know these are the people that are the first to be on every single session. You think I don't notice the person who's sharing good resources in the in the group, jumping in when to help other people. Of course, I notice. So when then I saw Ryan needed some help. No problem. And here's the thing, I don't open up my black book to everybody.But when I saw Ryan needed some help. I was like, yeah, sure, of course. So if someone is in my community and showing up and giving value, and I can see they're putting in the work, even if they don't know everything. I know, no one expects you to know all the answers. It's just about an attitude. Right? And an attitude is something which you can completely control. Right. So that is why Ryan in that case made her own luck. And I just wanted to share that message.


Because I just think it's so important for everybody who thinks, you know, some people are lucky. Why am I being left behind? Just reflect on yourself. Just reflect how are you showing up today? Because how do you show up today? You show up every day. And if you show up every day, like that, give 100%, give 110% showing up sharing things helping people, then you'll make your own luck. And you know what? That's what you're looking for.


Okay, you know, people will think, oh, how were you so lucky. But the reality is, you made your own luck by showing up.


Okay, so guys, hopefully this message was useful. If there's anyone that you think would benefit from hearing this message, please share it with anybody that you think would benefit from this message. Okay, peace out and chat soon. That's it guys. That is the Growth Velocity Podcast. I'm Howard Kingston. Thank you for listening. Now, as always, if you found this valuable, please, please subscribe to us and leave a rating and a review. The more that you do that, the more we will be able to impact more people, more people will hear about the show. And lastly, if you haven't already gotten a copy of our Growth Toolkit book, you can get that at completely free of charge is just waiting for you and I'll see you in the next episode.