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Episode 130: Bret Burchard, Shift The Way You Think
Episode 13023rd September 2020 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Guest: Bret Burchard, Former NBA Coach and Co-founder of ChampionShift

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, former NBA coach and Co-founder of ChampionShift Bret Burchard joins the Basketball Podcast to discuss helping athletes and coaches remove distractions and relax under pressure.

Bret Burchard is the co-founder of the mindset development company ChampionShift and co-author of “Catching Confetti: Developing the mindset of a champion." For the last 10 seasons, he has worked with the Phoenix Suns in various roles, most recently as a development coach and the head coach of their G League team.

Burchard began his coaching career as an assistant coach for his college, Taylor University. In 2010, he began working for the Phoenix Suns organization. In the middle of the 2017 season, he was promoted to the Phoenix Suns after the firing of the coaching staff. On July 25, 2018, he was named the head coach of the Northern Arizona Suns after serving as the associate head coach of the team.


1:00 - Physical Development Process

3:00 - Decision Making Standpoint

7:00 - Different Mindsets to be Successful

9:30 - Relaxed Intensity

12:00 - What is Mindset All About

14:00 - Progressive Development 

17:30 - Strength and Weaknesses Development

19:30 - Mindset Strength

23:00 - Integration

25:00 - Importance of Flow in Practice

28:00 - Creating Psychological Safety

31:00 - Receiving and Mindset Development

36:30 - Role of Coach in Developing Mindset

40:00 - Challenges in Building Mindset

44:30 - Resilience

49:00 - Controlling Fear

53:00 - Moving in a Right Direction

56:00 - Competition vs Comparison

58:00 - Self-Reflection Realm

1:00:00 - Conclusion

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