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CPA Study While Mountain Biking? How John Passed His CPA Exams
Episode 6230th September 2021 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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CPA study while mountain biking? Re-writing the textbook by hand?

In this episode you'll hear John's CPA study experience, and how his study process evolved as he kept making breakthroughs. We cover all parts of the study process in this interview, and John also has some great insights on mindset and how to stay motivated. Don't miss this interview!

Episode Timestamps:

00:00 - Introduction

02:12 - Exams timeline

05:05 - From the military to accounting

07:51 - Starting the study process

08:39 - Re-writing the textbook by hand

09:29 - "There has to be a better way..."

10:31 - Looking for a better way

11:10 - Finding SuperfastCPA

11:33 - "I was sold right away"

12:26 - "I never read the textbook again after that"

13:07 - Using quizzes + MCQs

13:34 - "I got a better score, while studying less..."

14:19 - CPA study + mountain biking?

16:35 - What John spent 85% of his time on

17:10 - Does your learning style matter for the CPA exams?

17:50 - "It's not just about knowledge..."

18:32 - Learning the material in the same context as test day

19:40 - Motivation comes easier when your process is working

20:29 - What kept John going on bad days

21:24 - How to "trick" yourself into studying

22:03 - "It needs to be a constant mindset"

23:24 - Treating simulations like real clients

24:18 - Battling every day

24:47 - Adding CPA study to your already busy schedule

25:56 - "No one else can study for you..."

26:39 - Using the AICPA blueprints

27:05 - "It's like chipping away at a big rock"

27:15 - The power of momentum

27:37 - Using weekends as a buffer

28:49 - Studying in small chunks is always progress

29:23 - "Drops of water breaks big rocks"

29:44 - "I tried 3 other audio notes..."

30:26 - "Final 48" strategies

33:06 - The key ingredients can be personalized

33:51 - Doings sets of 100 MCQs

34:34 - Focusing on what matters when you study

35:01 - Gain confidence in your process, then don't look back

35:28 - Review notes + lots of MCQs

36:16 - Using MCQs as a learning tool

37:04 - Getting your 4th passing score

37:58 - Done with the CPA, what's next?

38:30 - Being a CPA vs being a great CPA

40:04 - "Focus on studying the right stuff..."

40:24 - Getting better scores from less study hours

41:20 - John's top tips to current CPA candidates

42:34 - If you want to study "for real"...

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