Harmonies of the City: Bobby Harden's NYC Soul and Blues Brothers Journey
2nd January 2021 • Musicians Reveal • Joe Kelley
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Join us as we sit down with the incredibly talented Soul Singer/Songwriter, Bobby Harden, for an exclusive and intimate conversation about his illustrious solo career and his time as a member of the legendary Blues Brothers.

Bobby shares his journey through the heart of New York City's vibrant music scene, painting a vivid picture of the inspiration and passion that fuel his soulful compositions. From the gritty streets to the renowned stages, we delve into the stories behind his solo hits, exploring the roots of his distinctive sound that resonates with the pulse of the city.

But that's not all – buckle up for an extraordinary ride through the blues as we uncover Bobby's experiences as a key member of The Blues Brothers. From unforgettable performances to the camaraderie that defined the band, Bobby opens up about the behind-the-scenes moments that shaped this iconic chapter of his career.

Get ready to be transported through time and sound, as we explore the intersections of soul and blues in the heart of NYC. Join us on "Musicians Reveal with Joe Kelley" for a soul-stirring conversation with Bobby Harden – a musical journey you won't want to miss