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3 tips to get your short-term rental bookings now
Episode 3827th March 2023 • Direct Booking Success Podcast • Jenn Boyles
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Does your short-term rental need more bookings this spring?

In this episode, I share three practical tips for short-term rental owners and managers to increase bookings quickly. Immediate results are crucial, so I provide actionable advice to help you achieve your booking goals.

I talk about:

  • How strange 2023 is for bookings so far
  • The results of my Three Futures Growth Gameplan
  • How your big dreams for your business need to be broken down for you to action
  • Start with what will bring in the most bookings in the fastest way
  • Emailing your previous guests
  • Turn your return guests into fans
  • Teaming up with another business
  • Look at what you are promoting in your marketing
  • Add a call to action to get people to book

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Ep#38 - 3 tips to get your short-term rental bookings now

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Direct Booking Success podcast. I'm your host, Jen Boyles, and I'm super happy that you are here with me today. And today it's just me and you. But before I start, I would like to invite you to a free 15 minute chat with me online. , if you are struggling with direct bookings right now, whether that is moving away from using the online travel agents like Airbnb or just getting more bookings in right now, then I'm here to help.

Head to my website, direct booking to book in your time. That's direct booking C A L L okay, so why this episode today? Well, there's a bit of a backstory. . I was speaking with our short-term rental owner manager yesterday. they've been training for 20 years, so before any big online travel agents were on the scene.

nge this year is. How strange:

now. Also, yesterday I was hosting the kickoff call with the new short-term rental owners and managers who were joining my direct booking success program. During this call, I outline in more depth how the program works and answer any questions before they start. I also do an exercise called the Three Futures Growth Game.

I asked those on the call to first dream, big dream really big of where they wanna be in two years with their business, with their lives. This is their ideal future. This is what they're aspiring to. I also asked them what would be a poor outcome in two years, and also what would be an okay outcome? So what they really don't want to happen and what they would settle.

things that come up when discussing the different futures are like they want a hundred percent occupancy. all bookings to come direct. Having all systems in place, not having to be stressed out about bookings and marketing, having more money in profit, spending less time working in the business, and more time enjoying life with their family and finding their own personal direct booking.

It's really interesting, these conversations and what comes up. I also have them do the same exercise for 90 days and 30 days. These are both important because the goals from the two year plan need to be broken down and the 30 day view is really important because they need to know what to start with to put their best foot forward.

there's no point in starting with something that will take months to see a result. You would just get disengaged before the bookings come in and probably quit. And marketing is a long game, but there are things that can bring in quicker results. So it was during this call yesterday when we were looking at the actions they could start with, along with all the people I've speak to on a weekly basis who are telling me the same things they need bookings now this spring.

So this is why I've put together this episode for you today. today, I'm gonna give you some practical advice on how you can increase bookings for the next few months, not things that will take months for you to see any bookings from, but high powered actions that you can do today that will bring in bookings sooner rather than later.

The first tip is to email your previous guests and invite them to return. , these guests have already stayed. They've enjoyed their time with you. They just need to be reminded to come again. You don't have to give them a discount, although if you were to give anyone a discount, it should be those who are coming to stay.

Again, you can turn your returners into fans, into super fans. Send an email telling them what's going on in your area or at your property. Give them an. . That's what's been happening since they've stayed. Remind them how great your place is and invite them back. Invite them to come again. Make it personal and don't overcomplicate it.

The second tip is to team up with another local business who aligns with yours, team up with them to create a quote unquote package. Perhaps an activity that guests could do when they stay or a meal at a local restaurant. Think of what hotels do. I'm sure you've seen the offers like romantic Night for two, room and dinner included.

Hey, there's no reason why you can't do the same. What about a local cycling hire business? Have the guests come to state your plays and they can have those higher bikes for their use during their stay. , look at some businesses local to you and what would be a good fit for your ideal guest? It won't work. If your ideal guest is a retired librarian and you offer a package with a local skydiving company, you might get one, but I doubt you'll get many bookings off of that offer. The idea here. Is both you and the other business benefit from this shared offer.

You are sharing it with your audience, which helps promote them and they are sharing it with theirs, which in turn helps promote you. It's a win. The third tip is to look at what you're promoting in your marketing right now. Is it conducive to the time period that you want and need bookings for? If it is, then double down on your marketing efforts.

Look at what's working and do more of it. If it isn't working, then change what you're doing and do something that. , for example, your social posts are all about the summer right now, and your property books up all that time. So stop. Look at where you need those bookings for and talk about those dates.

Talk about what there is to do during that period and just keep going about it until those bookings start. And here is a bonus. Stick a call to action on everything. Tell people what you want them to do. If you want them to book direct right now, then say it at the end of your email. Say it at the end of a social post.

If you don't tell people what you want them to do, then in most cases they'll just scroll on by. I hope these tips have been a help to you and help fill up some of those holes that you might be seeing in your booking calendar right now. , and please remember, if you want to have a chat with me and get some personalized help in increasing your own direct bookings, then book a free 15 minute call on my website.

Head to my slash call to book your call now, direct booking