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Trailer8th January 2020 • Finding Gravitas • Jan Griffiths
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In this trailer, Jan Griffiths provides a short overview of the podcast.

Looking to become a more authentic leader? Finding Gravitas is the podcast for you.

Gravitas is the ultimate leadership quality that draws people in. It’s an irresistible force encompassing all the traits of authentic leadership.

Authentic leaders know how to engage, empower and embolden their teams to achieve boundary breaking performance. The question answered in this podcast is how authentic leadership works.

Join your podcast host Jan Griffiths, that passionate rebellious farmer’s daughter from Wales, accomplished executive, entrepreneur, leadership coach, keynote speaker and Top 100 Leading women in the Automotive industry as she interviews some of the finest leadership minds in the quest for gravitas.

Finding Gravitas explores what made these authentic leaders who they are today, understand what they consider to be their Gravitas, and what they do every day to practice great leadership.

By hearing these stories and experiences, you will find behaviors and practices to strengthen  and embrace your authentic leadership style and attain Gravitas.

Begin your quest to find your Gravitas and subscribe today.