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How Zeet Helps Build Multicloud Strategies that Leverage Clouds’ Strengths
Episode 83rd February 2023 • Craft of Code • Linode
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Large organizations use multiple cloud providers to meet increasingly growing needs for things like better economics and redundancy and find a better fit for their application and data workloads. But smaller organizations don’t have the budget or resources to manage custom-built platforms that make multicloud possible. So what can they do?

That’s where Zeet comes in. Zeet launched to help developers create reusable, self-serve cloud infrastructure. CEO and Co-Founder Johnny Dallas joined the Craft of Code podcast to tell us all about it.

Johnny explores the idea of the multicloud, how his users build multicloud solutions, why platform engineering is so important, and how Zeet worked closely with LiveKit. We also hear his top advice for anyone working in the DevOps or platform engineering space on how to combat multicloud challenges.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Zeet first got started
  • Why Zeet takes an unorthodox approach to multicloud
  • What platform engineering is and how it differs from DevOps
  • Different ways Zeet clients are using multicloud
  • How Zeet worked with LiveKit to deliver the performance they needed
  • Johnny’s advice for clients and those facing multicloud challenges

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