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How to Create a Digital Product if You're a Service Based Business with Alyson Lex
Episode 2115th January 2021 • Visualise You • Beth Hewitt
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Join me for episode #21 where Copywriter Alyson Lex joins me as we unpack how to create a digital product if you're a service-based business. Have you ever wanted to create a product, but don't know where to start? In this honest# #realtalk episode. Alyson busts the myths and speaks deeply and honestly and lays out the practical steps to launching your first product. Some of the key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Understanding the science behind pricing your courses and the strategies that will make you sales.
  • The importance of YOU and bringing who you are into your marketing, if you want to connect with your ideal audience authentically
  • Why sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and start your own business to help create your security
  • How your past skills and experiences will help serve your customers in so many ways down the line.
  • Why it doesn't have to be service-based or client based, you can have it both ways!
  • Learn all about the bonus sandwich!

But my biggest takeaway from this episode was the importance of selling people the transformation, but in doing so, don't promise them the world and then under deliver. Because that will damage the relationship's longevity, make sure whatever you provide, you fully follow through on and create a massive transformation in your client's life.

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