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Ron Davis: Passion + Project = Success
Episode 1116th October 2021 • What's Your Why • Twisted Spur Media
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What’s Your Why is a passion project for us and one that we are so excited to keep bringing you. Our stories are very different, but our What’s Your Why story is similar to that of our next guest. It's similar, in that we will continue to serve our passion project with fingers crossed that our hard work and effort pay off and we continue to gain ground doing something we love. Fame and fortune wouldn’t be bad additions to the story either, but one foot in front of the other right?!?!

I was elated and honoured to sit down with director extraordinaire, Ron Davis who is accredited for bringing us so many amazing documentaries. He is the brainchild behind some that might be familiar to you such as “Harry & Snowman”, and “Life in the Doghouse”, and others that you may not be as familiar with like “Pageant” and “Miss You Can Do It”. In our conversation, Ron also talks about a few films with 2022 release dates that I have no doubt will be the epitome of success and great additions to his amazing roster.

Ron Davis is a breath of fresh air. Amidst his charm and charisma, I had an exceptional, candid conversation with him and one that I am hoping you will enjoy as much as I did. In addition to this, I learned something new as well…Check your ego at the door and let the best idea in the room win.