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Trailer8th March 2021 • Si Yo Fuera una Canción (If I Were a Song) • Elisabeth Le Guin
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Angelica: “You keep a bunch of things in a box, a whole, big, big, big, big bunch of things. There’s going to come a moment where that box doesn’t close. That’s for sure, because of everything you have in there. But, if you take it out and you share it, there’s space for more! For knowledge, right? What you have inside…"

Elisabeth: Greetings! I am Elisabeth Le Guin, director of Si Yo Fuera Una Canción--”If I Were a Song”. This podcast is about individuals, their stories, and their lives as people with connections to Santa Ana, California. Through interviews in both Spanish and English, this podcast provides a perspective of the city through its people’s words, in their own voices, using music that they choose as a window into who they are. The interviews, and the histories that they share, reflect the socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural tapestry that makes Santa Ana such a special place. In getting to know these ordinary people, we realize that they are anything but ordinary.

Speaker: In the interview, we ask individuals about the music that represents where they come from and their hopes for the future. In this, we hope to build a better understanding of one another and be a window into our shared human experiences.

Elisabeth: I believe that no society can function well unless its members learn to listen to one another. That is why I feel so lucky to be involved with music, an art that is based on the act of listening. You have the power to articulate feelings and thoughts that are very interesting, very profound, and very much your own - I dedicate myself to helping this process of expression.

Cat: Something that I always find incredible in people, when things are so hard, that there is just this, like, you know: “But we’re gonna do it!”

Speaker: We hope you will join us on this journey in English or Spanish. Please be sure to subscribe to "Si Yo Fuera Una Canción - If I Were a Song” on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.