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68. Live from IFPA’s Global Show: New Innovations Improving All Aspects of Our Produce Supply Chain
6th December 2022 • Fresh Takes On Tech • International Fresh Produce Association
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We are talking with Mike Meinhardt (EVP of Sales, Provision Analytics), Karen Long (VP of Sales, iFoodDS), and Diane Wetherington (Founder & CEO, iDecisionSciences)

Join us as we discuss:

  • Efforts being made to digitize all touch points in the produce supply chan cycle
  • Updates on new initiatives to improve safety and traceability 
  • Work being done to create innovative technology solutions that support the modernization of the fresh produce supply chain.

Segment 1 - Mike Meinhardt (Provision Analytics)

Provision makes cloud software to streamline food safety and QA. Clients can build simple digital templates that expedite recordkeeping, with automatic schedules, rules, and alerts that increase compliance. All food safety and quality data is centralized in one hub with automatic history and customizable reporting. This makes it faster to complete audits, and easier to analyze processes.

Segment 2 - Karen Long (iFoodDS)

iFoodDS is a leading provider of food supply chain safety, traceability and quality solutions for farmers, harvesters, shippers, packers, processors, distributors, retailers and foodservice. iFoodDS HarvestMark Traceability and iFoodDS' other cloud-based offerings provide advanced analytics and insights for safety, regulatory compliance and process improvements.

Segment 3 - Diane Wetherington (iDecisionSciences)

Since 2009 IDS has worked in the specialty crop industry collecting and managing confidential producer, processing, packinghouse and handler data and providing quantitative analysis and scientific support on behalf of the fresh produce industry.

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