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Escaping Tyranny, Founding Tech, Construction, & Conga Part 2 - Jason Perez, CEO of YARDZ
Episode 1823rd October 2020 • TECHquila Sunrise • Supply Chain Now
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TECHquila Sunrise Episode 18

On today's episode of TECHquila Sunrise, Jason shares his most impactful moment. His struggle, discovery, acceptance, and peace in moving on to his chose profession. We hear about Jason's trek through YARDZ and so many takeaways for anyone's work, founding or investment journey. Jason also tells us of his most hopeful wishes for those struggling in these trying times. It's a great, uplifting experience from this mindful, giving and wise entrepreneur. Listen...and be Lifted UP!

Jason Perez, entrepreneur, advisor, and Cofounder of YARDZ, comes from a pedigree of construction and entrepreneurship. YARDZ is third company after 2 other successful ventures. He has sat on several boards and has been a trusted advisor for a widespread of companies. As CEO of YARDZ, he brings a high business aptitude mixed with a passion driven culture. Learn more about YARDZ here: 

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