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Minisode 1: Justine The Mermaid Seamstress
Episode 1Bonus Episode15th June 2021 • Fat Mermaids Make Waves • Society of Fat Mermaids
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Chè Monique talks to Justine, The Mermaid Seamstress at MerMagic Con 2020. Justine will be joining us again at the Fat Mermaids Make Waves panel discussion at MerMagic Con 2021.

We discuss Justine's inspiration. What they advocate for as a mermaid. How to deal with haters and the advantages fat merfolk have.

Justine, the Mermaid Seamstress, is a Mermaid Youtuber, and fabric tail maker from the Atlantic coast. Justine is an ambassador for FinFolk Mermaid Tails. In her human life, Justine works as an conservation educator sharing with others how to save our beautiful planet. As a water woman Justine has been jumping through waves her whole life and after making her first tail 11 years ago, is now proud to represent the beauty, grace, and power of being a plus size mer.