Faith based Entrepreneur: James Zheng’s Business Breakthrough Story
Episode 19110th May 2023 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#191: Are you feeling stuck in your pursuit of success? Have you followed all the steps and everything is done well, but your breakthrough hasn't arrived yet?

That's exactly the situation our guest today faced, and he shares with us today about how he was able to achieve that breakthrough in his business and personal life. Join James Zheng as he shares his personal journey of discovering the limitations of self-help and turning to God for guidance. Through his inspiring story, we can reflect on our own beliefs and discover the power of fasting, prayer, and studying the word that allows God to show up in our lives and grow to that next level.

James Zheng is a Kingdom Business Coach who for the past 10 years+ has helped entrepreneurs worldwide apply biblical success principles to 10x their results with less hustle. He draws from his extensive studies of personal achievement and biblical wisdom to help his clients break through.

His mission is to help entrepreneurs cultivate their inner warrior - through their spirit, mind, body, and businesses - to positively impact their communities. He believes that entrepreneurship is the greatest personal growth and impact tool that God’s given us. When entrepreneurs grow and succeed, the world gets better.

Along with his wife Becky Zheng, they co-founded and run the Warrior Movement organization that trains online entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry. He’s also the Founder of Kingdom Builders - a movement committed to providing faith-based entrepreneurs with biblical wisdom and success principles with the ultimate goal of elevating God’s Kingdom.

Listen to James' Story...

  • [03:34] - The journey of this book
  • [05:53] - His own personal journey to mixing faith and business
  • [11:12] - What prompted him to write the book?
  • [16:14] - What area(s) was he stuck in at that time?
  • [21:05] - What does he guide people through in 7 days?

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