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Top Traders Unplugged - Niels Kaastrup-Larsen 16th November 2020
SI114: The importance of Short Sellers and Pfizer CEO selling stocks ft. Moritz Seibert
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SI114: The importance of Short Sellers and Pfizer CEO selling stocks ft. Moritz Seibert

This week, we discuss the importance of short sellers for well-functioning markets, the benefits of trading index futures versus cash equities, diversification in a robust Trend Following system, Pfizer’s CEO selling a majority of his stock holdings around the vaccine announcement, the differences between top independent discretionary traders & professional money managers, and the increasing use of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).  Questions we answer this week include: Are shorter timeframes going to be more effective than longer timeframes in the future? What are your thoughts on trading less-liquid markets?

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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 – Intro

02:02 – Macro recap from Niels

03:09 – Weekly review of performance

28:30 – Q1; James: Would your rules suit cash equities only?

38:54 – Q2; Anti: Shorter-term strategies seem to have done well in the last 5 years, should we be looking to trade these shorter timeframes, instead of the longer-term timeframes?

46:54 – Q3; Michael: What are your thoughts on trading in smaller markets such as butter, rough rice & oats?

01:00:18 – Benchmark performance update

01:06:07 – Recommended podcast listening this week: Stephanie Kelton on the Macro Voices Podcast & Chris Cole on the Grant Williams Podcast