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What We Accomplished in 2022 and Our Plans for 2023
Episode 6723rd December 2022 • Podcast Editors Mastermind • Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth
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The Podcast Editors Mastermind team (your favorite Yetis) looks back at their accomplishments in 2022 and sets goals for 2023, with a twist - they're joined by THEIR editor, Alejandro Ramirez. 

"Doing what we love, I think. Yes, the obvious. We also so number one, started focusing on live experience over podcasting, started accepting sponsorships and promotions."

Alejandro Ramirez joined the Podcast Editors Mastermind show to take a look at the business side of podcast editing in 2022 and 2023. Jennifer Longworth, Bryan Entzminger, and Daniel Abendroth are the hosts of the show and have started focusing on the live experience and the community aspect of the show.

They have accepted sponsorships and promotions, brought on Alejandro to edit the show, and have a sample episode available for people to edit as a trial. Alejandro has learned to control the dynamics of the show, cut out tangents, and interact with chat. The hosts are very grateful for his work and it has made their lives much easier.


"If you had someone following you around all the time what would you have them do?"

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Listen to Discover

  • What the team accomplished in 2022 and their goals for 2023
  • The importance of focusing on the live experience and building community
  • Alejandro has learned being the editor of this crazy show


  • Reddit - Daniel mentioned Reddit as one of the places he hangs out online (sometimes).
  • YouTube - Find the Podcast Editors Mastermind on YouTube.
  • Telegram Messenger - Alejandro suggested that Telegram might be a good place to connect with people.
  • Discord - Daniel likes Discord, but it does sometimes tend to be more of the techie and Twitch-streaming crowd.
  • Slack - We've thought about starting a community on Slack.
  • Mastodon - This is Bryan's profile on Mastodon. He's just trying it out, but so far he prefers it to the constant non-value-added notifications from some of the other social platforms.


Alejandro Ramirez is a professional podcast editor and the editor for The Podcast Editors Mastermind. While this is his first time appearing on the show, he is a valued member of the team and has incredible insights.

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