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The Imperfect Pod - The Imperfect Pod EPISODE 9, 11th December 2019
9. The Impact of Divorce on Young Men with Scott Berty
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9. The Impact of Divorce on Young Men with Scott Berty

Why are men teased and made fun of for being sensitive and emotional? How does divorce affect young men? How can selfishness lead to happiness for everyone? These are some of the topics that Scott and I talk about on our episode.

A bit about the guest: Scott Berty is the Chief Growth Officer of Trufan, www.trufan.io, helping brands activate grassroots communities of super fans & micro-influencers with data. We met about 3 years ago through LinkedIn and have stayed close ever since. I was so excited to have him on my podcast as he was one of the first people and encouragers behind this mission. It was great to sit down and discuss some really personal things with him. Excited for you to hear!

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