03: How Podcasting Fits Into an Overall Marketing Strategy
Episode 324th February 2022 • Entrepreneurs On Podcasting • Cliff Duvernois
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Getting your message out in front of people is critical to business success.  Today's guest knows better than anyone.  Mal McCallion has helped businesses grow (and exit) for years.  In this episode, he shares why most businesses struggle; how podcasting fits into his overall marketing strategy; and why it's important to have a mix of solo and interview episodes.

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Topics with Time Stamp:

  • What are the top 3 causes of business going out of business? (03:19)
  • How podcasting fits into marketing (05:05)
  • Why Use Themes are Different Season of a Podcast (05:22)
  • How to leverage podcasting on Facebook and Youtube with Video (09:54)
  • What Does 11-7-4 have to do with marketing and lead generation (11:24)
  • How does having a clearly defined avatar impact your podcast (13:04)
  • What were the biggest challenges when first starting a podcast (14:30)
  • Why is it important to commit to a schedule (15:09)
  • How to post consistently (16:09)
  • Why is it important to bank content (17:02)
  • How to use your podcast to meet an NFL Player (17:51) 
  • Why start with 15 solo episodes (19:02)
  • How to find the right guest for your podcast (20:59)
  • What is his advice for the podcast that’s struggling (22:21)
  • What are the dangers of just producing an episode just to get an episode out (24:17)