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The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast - By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré 25th March 2021
Our Passive Income Report - February 2021
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Our Passive Income Report - February 2021

#182: Today we're going to share how our businesses performed in February 2021. We love doing this so you can see how we're putting our money to work. Being open about the challenges we go through and the successes we celebrate every month allows us to provide you with support and education. Join us and take every opportunity you can to learn how to start your journey to financial freedom.

February 2021 Income At-A-Glance: 

Gross Income for February:  $70,245

Total Expenses for February:  $43,000

Total Net Profit for February:  $27,245

Difference b/t Feb & Jan: -$15,755

% of net profit to overall gross revenue: 39%