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Taking the fear out of e mail marketing with Rob and Kennedy
Episode 1202nd June 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Would you love to feel comfortable and confident when you send an e mail out to your subscribers?

And not worry about being ‘annoying’ or ‘pushy’ because you know they’ll be so chuffed seeing your name pop up in their inbox?

If so, you’re going to love this chat with the brilliant Rob and Kennedy from Email Marketing Heroes.

Sending e mails can be stressful and overwhelming at first but it doesn’t need to be.

These guys will show you how to put your big girl or big boy pants on and just hit send on your e mails over and over again.

Discover what to include in your messages and how to come up with ideas to bring you closer to your audience with ease.

And most importantly, how email marketing can make you between 10 to 50 times more sales than social media.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

1.50 - Rob and Kennedy and their background as a hypnotist (Rob) and a mind reader (Kennedy).

4.00 - How they stand out from the crowd of other email marketing experts.

5.51 - How pet businesses can harness emotional connection in communicating via email.

8.17 - How pet businesses can build a subscriber list.

13.41 - Tips for pet businesses who feel they can’t send emails. 

16.59 - How frequently should you be emailing your list.

21.03 - What structure to follow when writing your emails.

29.38 - How many words your emails should be. 

31.14 - Advice for repurposing content. 

35.22 - Where you can find content for your mailing list.

38.29 - Where you can find more about Rob and Kennedy and their free Click Tricks resource

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