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Nurturing Health and Ambitions with Gut Personal's Bridgitte Mallinson
Episode 1406th February 2024 • Momma Has Goals • Kelsey Smith
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Today, we're joined by the incredible Bridgitte Mallinson. She's not just a functional medicine dietitian but also the founder and CEO of Gut Personal, a groundbreaking coaching and supplement company. What sets Bridgitte apart is her recent journey into motherhood, with a five-month-old daughter.

In this episode, we explore the dynamic nature of motherhood, how it adds layers to our identities, and how Bridgitte, despite being a new mom, has always embraced multiple versions of success. We discuss her unique path, from building two seven-figure companies during the pandemic to her mission with Gut Personal: changing the world and empowering women to enhance their health and wealth. It's worth noting that Gut Personal is a female-founded enterprise with predominantly female investors.

Bridgitte's story is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and her insights will leave you motivated and inspired. Stay tuned until the end for a special offer, whether you're interested in improving your gut health, exploring prenatal vitamins, or ensuring your family's well-being throughout the seasons. Hit that play button!

What you'll hear in this episode:

[0:00] Motherhood, business, and mindset with a new mom.

[7:50] Reimagining a career path and scaling a business.

[12:55] Entrepreneurship, investors, and business growth.

[20:30] Motherhood, entrepreneurship, and self-advocacy.

[27:05] Functional medicine and its application in motherhood.

[31:45] Reimagining motherhood and health after pregnancy.

[38:05] Intuition, leadership, and supplements.

[44:45] Prenatal supplements and their quality.

[48:00] Prenatal vitamins and supplements for moms and kids.

[50:40] Motherhood, business growth, and self-care.


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It was a little bit blindsiding to not realize while I was pregnant, or before I got pregnant, how much I'd be needed and how much my life would change. But one thing that I leaned on that I was actually working through when I was pregnant is my capacity to hold all of the things to do all the things we'll see.


Let's reimagine mom life together. Mama has schools is your hub for relatable support and helpful resources that help you fuel yourself alongside motherhood. Your identity is bigger than moms, and whatever your goals are, together, we're making them a reality. The thing about motherhood is no matter what else you have going on in your life, you're a multi dimensional person once you become a mom, because there's you and there's a mom, and there are so many other variables typically flying in between AI and our guests today. Bridget Mallinson is a functional medicine dietitian, business mentor and founder and CEO of gut personal a supplement company that empowers everyone to eliminate gut issues for good through a personalized approach. I love this conversation. And I love Bridgette as a person because even though she's newer into motherhood with her five month old daughter at the time that we record this, she's always been very multi dimensional. She talks about how she's taken on different layers and different versions of success. And we talk about how my approach of starting my business after having kids is a little different than her approach of having the success prior to going into motherhood. We talk about the relationships that she's been able to create along the way, and how those either changed or navigated now that she's a mom being ready to be a mom, we talk through Bridget's birth story and how it was really a different eye opening experience for her of releasing control and re envisioning success. We also talk about parenting mindset and supplements, and the reliance on different things in our lives while also learning to feel our best. This is such a good conversation and after healing a lifelong struggle with her gut, Bridget spent a decade studying functional medicine and nutrition as a registered functional dietitian, she became wildly interested in building and scaling her business and the pandemic in succeeding and building not one but two, seven figure companies in under three years. Talk about goals in big moves, Bridget is definitely the woman of that she launched her personal as a way to change the world. And she has a big vision to empower women to improve their health. And furthermore, wealth. Gut personal is a female founded with mostly female investors. And she will definitely motivate and inspire you to build the business and life of your dreams. I cannot wait for you to dive into this conversation and switch into the end because we have a special offer for you whether it's got health, maybe prenatals, or making sure that your family just stays healthy in different seasons. Tyrone in Virginia, I'm so excited to chat with you today. You're one of my favorite people because the energy matches the result whether it becomes like internal or external, the vibe that goes out there. And I just love that about you. And you're such a multi dimensional person, which I love when we are talking about motherhood because once you become a mom, you're forever multi dimensional. It becomes this other part of you, that's never gonna go away. And it's definitely not all of you. And so I'm curious as you're newer into your seasons of motherhood. Do you feel like you've always just been able to absorb these other things that come into your life? Because you've been doing multiple things at once? Or was it still a little bit of a blindside when you jumped in? Oh,


golly. So for context, my daughter is five and a half months old. And I've started many businesses. And it honestly was different than what I thought like taking on the role of like, primary. Like I call myself the milkmaid, right, she's breastfeeding, seven. So I'm not only like her food source, I am the person that wakes up in the middle of the night like I am everything for her besides where my husband is. And it was a little bit blindsiding to not realize while I was pregnant, or before I got pregnant, how much I'd be needed and how much my life would change. But one thing that I leaned on, that I was actually working through when I was pregnant, is my capacity to hold all of the things to do all the things will expand. And honestly that was really supportive for me because I have, you know, two businesses, and they require a lot of time and energy. And then when I was getting this anxiety of thinking about being a mom, and adding in more to dues which I'm so grateful for but a lot More to dues. It was like my ability to hold my ability and capacity to hold, all the things will expand and it has truthfully. And I think that's like a superpower of pretty much all moms. But I had to get my mindset right before she came.


Yeah. And I think it happens however it's supposed to for you. But something I say a lot is I'm so happy that I had kids before I started this business, because I think I would have entered it so much differently. They, I only had such a limited amount of time when I started it, which made me set up systems and processes different than if I had just started it as a single young professional. You already had a lot of success before you went into motherhood. So what's your take on like the other side? But


you know, like, hindsight is:


Yeah. And I think it's all relative, right? Hearing you say this, I'm like, okay, but you do have systems in place, you've have all these things organized and set up, right? You're running such a large business, let's give some context of the numbers you reach. I know in is 16 months, that you were able to hit some of these numbers in running your shoe businesses, like we're talking, you know, investors, seven figure business, it's not like you're just you don't have systems you do. But you're looking for like another scale. Right? So talk about what you do have in place, because you're talking about what you wish you had. But you did set yourself up for success in many ways, right? Yeah, absolutely.


I think the big place that we have set ourselves up for success is building a team, I built a team. Before I was ready, I hire before I'm ready, because I hire for the next level. And we just hired a part time director for our affiliate program and all of our partnerships, probably before we needed to, because it is so important to get like the I really love to invest in people. That's what I think of when I think of systems and what we're set up to be. Because the right people are going to do such a great job with what you need to be done versus you're just doing it all yourself. Of course, we have a task management system Asana, like that is such a game changer in something as a visionary that I was so resistant to, like, I don't love to be an operations. You know what I mean? Like I love to figure out the how. So we again hired like a systems person who has come in to our Asana board, which is basically again, task management. Doesn't matter how big or small of a company you are, you need something like that. If you have anything, anyone else working for you, even if you have a VA, you need someone who like you need a system like that. So we love Asana. So that's been really


helpful. And I think project management systems are super helpful for life in general, whether you're in a job and your job doesn't have something like that, or it's your life management. I use ours for everything, I organized what I needed to do for my son's birthday party two weeks ago in it, and I was like, okay, these people have RSVP. This is how many like people were expecting. And I wouldn't say I'm like the most organized person in the world, I have the desire to be that way. But like our brains, especially as moms can only hold so much, and so I need to have a place to be able to put those things and it becomes a way to organize that. So I absolutely love that. So you're two businesses, you stepped into business first in business coaching, right? So let's go backwards a little bit, you have a background in functional medicine and nutrition. And you realize that you wanted to expand what you're able to do. I think this is super applicable to our listeners, because sometimes you go to school for something, you map out what that's gonna look like for you. And then you're like this day to day is actually not what I was thinking. And so you went to the drawing board figuring out okay, how can my life look different with the expertise that I have? What did those very first baby steps look like to reimagine how you could use what you already had to create a different lifestyle? Yeah,


k my business online in June,:


And then you overlay that with a new venture. Yeah, right in investors and really built up this other brand. So what was the timeline with that building on top of a seven figure coaching business?


estments, or even hundreds of:


Yeah. And you know, a lot of those people, right, there are people that you have personal relationships with, and those that maybe you didn't have a relationship with you, Bill, and they became investors pretty quickly after that, I think that's a really cool part of it. Because that makes it more fun. It's not like you're just going in and meeting with a boardroom and being like, hey, here's my product, come and invest in me. And even though I actually know you have some of those connections, but you chose not to go that way, you chose to really have this personal relationship with your investors talk a


little bit. Yeah. So when I decided to take on investors, the first time that I ever pitched was at a simulation Shark Tank pitch. So again, bringing back my mentor, Chris harder, we were in a mastermind. And little did I know, I decided to take on investors. And then that next week, Chris had actually brought in sharks. And we were going to do a shark tank pitch in front of the whole mastermind. And it was so perfect, because I literally just decided to take on investors. And now I had to create this pitch. So I had already hired my marketing team. So they are working day and night for two days to create this pitch for me. And it was so cool. It was like grinding at its finest. And so I give the pitch. And out of 30 people, I won the pitch. And I won a little bit of money, but it was more so I was pitching to that entire room of really great friends of mine that were in the mastermind. And people that I would actually want to invest in, they saw my work ethic from the whole previous year. So when I after I gave that pitch, it was real life like okay, how can I give you money? And that, you know, my first investors came from that room. My first first ever investors, one of my best friends came from that room. Yeah, I think most I would say 90% of my investors I talk to on a weekly basis, because they're my good friends.


Yeah. And that keeps it so much more fun. Let's talk about the pressure and accountability with that, though, because then there's this other level of if I don't hit these numbers, or I don't hit these promises, not only am I just like see leader investors, I'm talking to my friends, what are some of the ways you work through that?


when, for example, last year:


you seen that relate so far to motherhood and outside voices and experiences, because I feel like you have this unwavering confidence, like you said, I'm going to hit this, I just don't know when. But in motherhood, I think that you can be a confident mom. And occasionally there's still going to be something that you either see read someone says to you, and you start questioning things, you start questioning, did I make the right decision? Did I do this, you get this mom guilt coming in? Where has that shown up for you? And you see the parallels with being an entrepreneur that you want to feel grounded, you want to feel confident? And you're like, oh, wait, did I do the right thing?


Oh, god, that's so that I think there's this I would love. Let me just say I would love on the mom guilt front. I would love for all of us moms to be able to say what we're guilty about feel guilty for and get it off our chest. Like I just have this vision of us all just getting on a zoom and being I feel guilty for this. And then we all just laugh about it. Like one of the things that I feel guilty for is that I didn't get a picture of myself with my daughter on Halloween and Thanksgiving. Like it's so wild. So I think like where I've had to work through those things is tuning into what's important to me. And my daughter has never had a professional photo shoot yet. She's five and a half months, and was oh my god, did you get newborn shots? And I was like, no. But what's really important to me is that I have videos of her breastfeeding when she's three days old, like iPhone videos. So I think what's helped me with my confidence is tuning back into my intuition and my priorities. Because to really care about I've never cared about professional photoshoots. Yeah. So that's helped for sure.


I think that's such an important perspective. And that example I really liked because I was actually thinking about this, as I'm coming up at the end of my third pregnancy. I've never hired a professional photographer, I have friends that have nice cameras, and they've taken pictures of us. And we have like more than iPhone pictures. But we've never done a professional like photo shoot as a family either. And I do love pictures, and I love having those things. But I was literally just thinking about that as I come up to like, when I would get maternity pictures done. And I'm like, You know what we've never like really done it that way. And I think it is so important to figure out like, why is the reason you're doing that? Why is the reason you want that documentation in that form? And is there a way that's better for you? So even you bring up saying, I don't have a picture of my daughter on Halloween and Thanksgiving? Okay, sure, there's specific things about those days, but like that random Tuesday that you guys are sitting on the couch, and you have that picture is gonna be a bigger memory than like, all the Halloween and Thanksgiving pictures next to each other. And I think that's so important to kind of like rewrite your own milestones and rewrite your own versions of success. I think that's so important. Where I do think that gets tripped up, though, is if like you're saying someone says something? And they're like, Oh,


do you have those pictures? Or oh, I


didn't see you post this or whatever? How do you stay grounded? Is there like a ritual or practice or a way you speak that belief back into yourself? So that you just shrug it off?


I think that's a great question. I think that I'm probably pretty good at shrugging it off. Just in general, just, oh, that's their shit type thing. You know what I mean? Like, that's something they put on themselves. I think if it really bothers me, I'll journal about it. Like, literally journal like, why is this bothering me? Yeah. And then I just write and keep writing. And I think the thing with journaling that's always helped me is like writing until you think you're done and then write five minutes more. Just journal it all out. Yeah, I think journaling can be really helpful. And then breath work. I'm like, I'm so obsessed with breath work and releasing things because I think sometimes I can say I'm really great at shrugging it off, but sometimes something will bother me. They don't know what Yeah. And so it might be that some that thing that one of my team members said to me that they didn't mean or it might be something that like, was set on a pot cast that I can't like to in two, I feel off. Yeah. Sometimes if I can't cue into why I feel off, I'll do breath work and like release whatever I was feeling. And sometimes then it comes to fruition. Oh, you were feeling this, but then during the breath work, I can release it.


That's so good. I want to talk a little bit about communicating the support you need. You're such an ambitious, confident, strong woman. And you're navigating so much on your own before you had a team before you had to do anything. Now throw in being a mom, what have you learned about communicating for help support and needs and really advocating for yourself when you need to? Or is it still a work in


progress, working progress, for sure, where sometimes I struggle is releasing control and allowing my husband to help and I think I'm not terrible at this, I don't want to say that. He's such a great partner was raising our daughter, but recently, she's five and a half months, she's having some sleep regression, which is not super fun. And a couple nights ago, she was really having a tough time going to bed and I had a lot of work the next day. And I just, I was getting to my point where I was like I am, my nervous system is not okay, I need to go to sleep, I'm exhausted. And my husband took over and she ended up having a pretty darn fussy rest of the night until like 1am. But I woke up the next day feeling so much better. Because I released that control, like, more or less, you know, you can think about it as like delegating and being like, yes, you could support me, you can help me. And I think I can still do a better job of that with my team. And then hiring support for our house. We have a postpartum doula, who is basically like a well trained nanny, that this week, we added on an extra day with her. And it was like, Oh, my God, my soul was so happy because I was feeling supported and feeling supported is really important to me.


I love that. Now, my understanding of functional medicine is the concept of you're trying to get to the root cause and really solve the problem at the cause. I'm curious, before we jump into the actual science part of that, where you've seen this show up so far in motherhood, I can see myself in certain areas of motherhood, you don't want to find the root cause you want to just get through the motions and be like, I don't know why you're crying, but I'm gonna hold you I don't if you try to figure it out, you might cause yourself more stress or more discomfort. If you're over on the Wonder weeks app trying to figure out is this a leap? Or what are we doing that can be helpful in certain scenarios, and it can also be really more stressful, because instead of just like holding your baby, or you just taking a nap or doing whatever you need to do, you're over analyzing the situation. Do you feel like having this functional medicine background that's helped you want to get to the root cause of certain things that you're working through and early stages of motherhood? Or is it totally different? And you're just in mom mode? And you don't really see it that way?


I do see it that way. I even see what cause not only paralleling motherhood, but also business because like, to your point functional medicine is what is that root cause what's causing that. And so, with functional medicine, we do a lot of testing, but I also tune in to my intuition as a practitioner with to what is the cause of someone's not feeling well. And then with Lily, my daughter if she's crying a lot, great example. I use my intuition. And so I'm not necessarily looking for something external. Like the Wonder weeks. I think my girlfriend Keisha just told me about that app.


It has mixed mixed opinions on it. Yeah, that's like


word I just tried to tune into. I don't know my intuition with what she's trying to tell me through a cry. I just really try to, I think honestly, one shift that has helped me with that crying example is not saying I'm doing something wrong, is that something is wrong with her. And she's just trying to communicate. So I guess I do, like use my functional medicine brain with that. But more so I'm turning tuning into intuition. Again.


I love that. Yeah. And so bringing it back to like true functional medicine. I think about that. We as moms and humans, we can be feeling a certain way. And sometimes we might look to the external to like you're saying you don't want to do with your daughter's will be like this person's making me feel this way. Or this is how this is showing up for me. What are some of the things that you see in your clients? So they if someone's listening, and they're like, oh, that could be beneficial to me. What are some of the kind of the red flags where you're like, hey, we have a solution for them?


Yeah. So with that personal, I started it as a gut health company. So when you're thinking of bad gut symptoms, where you're like, Okay, something is wrong, think of bloating, not going to the bathroom every day going to the bathroom too much, not being able to enjoy that date with your husband, because your stomach hurts or you feel bloated. Those are like the common digestive issues that, you know, we work through a lot, but also like low energy, low libido, those are like, those are huge period problems not being able to get pregnant, secondary infertility after the first, those are all signs that there's something going on wrong in the body, and skin issues, mental health, depression, anxiety, all of these things are all interconnected. And with functional medicine, we try to like say, Okay, why, and that's why I started the company, we have the quiz, because we want to figure out the why. So women can really, like feel so amazing in their bodies.


Yeah. And you'll hear a lot about how after women have kids, they can have new things arise, I'd love for you to talk a little bit about how common that can be, because in subsequent pregnancies as well, right, where your body is going through a lot. And so you maybe historically have not had situations or problems or things that are going on. And I think a lot of people chalk it up to postpartum, or, Oh, I just had a baby, when really, it's maybe some of these other things that you could work through. And then there's kind of this thought of like, oh, well, I shouldn't be introducing new things into my body. Talk a little bit about some of the ways you can support yourself post and motherhood. And we like to talk about here postpartum truly is forever. It's not just like this specific season. Talk to us a little bit about what that health looks like, specifically, maybe after your body has been through that the body


changes so much. And I know as a practitioner, like what is going on in the body, and like biochemically what's going on in the body, obviously, then there's this huge, which I'm very much in the thick of this emotional transition and identity piece. But basically, when you're growing a human, they are sucking everything from you, you know, nature provides that they're not going to be deficient in many nutrients. And so they really deplete mama. And most of the time, women are not fueling themselves enough before pregnancy, but specially during pregnancy and postpartum. And there's a lot of different reason. But making sure during pregnancy and postpartum for a year to a couple of years, you're taking a really high quality prenatal, what that does is that it's giving your body the nutrients, it needs to like, rejuvenate. And when it has those proper nutrients, then your hormones are going to be able to work better. It's like what are the building blocks? And what's the foundation to really great health. It's vitamins and minerals and your good gut bacteria. So it's really important to make sure you repeat yourself after pregnancy with a good prenatal, magnesium and probiotic. And that's so key. And then of course, there's atoms like fish oil and vitamin D that are like, yes, of course, you should be taking those. But if you want to make sure that like postpartum or even now, maybe you're like you said years postpartum, those are things you can be taking, because that's things you might be deficient in for years after pregnancy. Yeah.


And also, I really love your magnesium powder separate for someone that needs to pay more attention to their health, but doesn't necessarily understand all the science behind it. Yeah, I love things like that, because I'm not just taking another pill. And I love making little mocktails the nighttime mocktails with your magnesium powder. I think it is such a good thing, especially for the mom world, because it's okay if you want to have a glass of wine, when that fits your life. But often, we just want to drink something and have something in hand. And it doesn't necessarily have to be an alcoholic beverage. And what I love about the magnesium powder is it lets me feel like I'm having something fun at the end of the night. But it's actually good for me too. And that is like huge for my little nighttime routine. I absolutely love that. One of the things that I think is really important about your story and for the women in our community is reimagining whatever your goal is. And so our kind of tagline of Omaha schools is reimagine mom life. And that can mean so many different things to so many different people. And when you watch through your birth story, you talked a little bit about reimagining what it meant to be in control, reimagining what that looked like. And I think this shows up in everything we've talked about where if you're hitting a business goal, you may have to reimagine when that goal is hit. If you're thinking about your health, you may have to reimagine How'd you get there? Or if you're going to the root cause or reimagining what the success looks like, talk a little bit about how this has shown up in so many areas for you, and specifically in the birth of Lily, reimagining success there.


Yeah, ooh, I mean, success is a great word there. I'm someone who I pride myself in being pretty darn natural by will pride myself that I don't really take ibuprofen ever, or NyQuil or DayQuil. And it's like this badge of honor of good or bad. And honestly, it's in my birth story kind of showed up in an interesting way, but of how natural I am, you know what I mean? That, like, I don't even take those things. And so when I was pregnant with Lilly, I was like, I'm doing everything natural. No medications, I don't need it. I was doing breathwork for years. So I did Hypno birthing class I did spinning babies, I did every natural support for myself. And so I prepped, I prepared and got to my birth, basically, in short, did 48 hours of natural labor, and was not dilating at all. And it was this moment, very clearly that I had to surrender to. What is my body actually needing not? What is this badge of honor that I wear? What do I think needs to happen for me to be successful? But what do I need right now? And what's going to serve me. And it was surrendering to a different vision than I thought, which was, give me the epidural, I'm done laboring. I need this to not be so hard, basically. And she came thankfully, after 64 hours of labor, but it was a surrender. And I had to release shame for getting an epidural. It's so many of my girlfriend's talk so wonderfully about natural birth. And I was the most natural of them all. I was like, Is supplement company, I can frickin do this. And my body was like, No girl, you need to surrender to a different vision. So any Hill, that was it was a great, incredible lesson for me. And then months and months later, I had to release the shame of No, this is what I needed. And it was a great lesson for me.


And it's this beautiful lesson and is all like you're saying this beautiful silver lining where it's been, maybe I really needed that lesson. Like maybe I had to do that to have that lesson be brought to me in a way that I couldn't learn any other way. And it's one of those things, I don't love the saying, like, oh, everything happens for a reason. It's not necessarily that but it's, this was the way for me to learn that lesson. And I am now surrendering, and you still had a beautiful birth story. Lily's perfect, everything worked out. But it was just different than you imagined. And I think that is really coming back to that intuition. The piece that you're talking about, that was like your first big, okay, I'm gonna have to listen to my intuition differently. And I think that's an interesting divider there. Because we can be listening to ourselves. And we have to get really clear on which part of us we're listening to? Is it that badge of honor piece of us? Or is it this is what I need right now? And I think that's really important. How is that showing up for you as a leader? When you are communicating with your team? And it's okay, am I coming from this place of I'm boss, mom, CEO, and maybe I'm not making the right decision, or this is the intuition that I have is the visionary and the leader, how do you kind of wear those different hats?


Yeah, that's such a good point. There have been a lot of intuitive hits, that are very clear to me, that don't necessarily make sense to my team. And what I've worked through and I, you know, still, of course, always invest in mentors, and business coaches and everything like that. Right now, my mentor is more of a spiritual, Higher Self mentor. And something has been very clear to me that I've drugged my feet on taking action on because it's a very hard thing for me to do in the business. And I won't get into specifics, but once I made that decision, things flowed. It finally it was like you listen to your intuition. And this was the hardest, intuitive hit that you've gotten. It was very hard to take action on it for you. And you did it. Here's what's on the other side of it immediately, immediately. I, on the other side of that was so much more abundance than I thought was possible. And so what I've worked through is that I am the visionary. I'm meant to have the vision, I am meant to tune in to my intuitive hits. And it doesn't need to always make sense to my team. And what I'm working through right now is sometimes not asking. I, even when I needed to get the epidural, I asked every single person in the room if I should get the epidural. Like what? I tell you? Yeah, okay, all right. I'm not crazy. I wanted to know that I fought the good fight that it wasn't just me that was like, oh, I need the epidural. Now. It's my Doula was like Bridget, you need it, she was pushing for natural as well. But what I need to do less of and this is actually just saying this aloud as a good reflection to me, I need to do less of asking what my team thinks. Sometimes my team is amazing. But they're not always meant to hold the biggest, highest vision of this company. That's why I'm the founder and the CEO.


I think that's such a parallel to mom life, too. Because sometimes the way you mom, the way you parent isn't going to make sense to other people, it might not make sense to your kids, even sometimes your partner as much as I want to say we should always be on the same page. It might not, and outside people, but at the end of the day, you're called to be the mom of that person, and you have to mom in the way that feels good for you. And sometimes it won't make sense. I think that is so important. I want to talk a little bit more about some of your products, because I think that twofold. One, they help people and so much, but I do have a burning question as I try not to take a lot of medicine. Also, I try to put myself in a place where I'm not reliant on something for my health or my success or anything like that. And I have this kind of weird relationship with supplements or even like you have an immune product for kids, right? And I think of okay, I don't want my kids sick. So I want to give them their this immune support, or I want to give them this allergy medicine or these different things. So they're not getting sick. How do you not have that all the time, but also you need it because your body needs to have the nutrients that it can't gain from somewhere else. What is kind of the mind twist with all of that explained it to me from like a scientific level. So


we are very complex human beings, our systems inside of us are more complex than problem we understand. And so you can go all the way back to what is your DNA, say, for example, I have genes that I don't absorb vitamin D well, and so we know that those are like genes, but our genes are turned on or turned off because of what we do our environment. For example, I wear sunscreen, I am fair, I don't sit in the sun a ton. Not only do I have this gene have, I don't really absorb vitamin D. Well, now I'm adding sunscreen, and I don't go in the sun a lot. You have to think about what is like the biochemistry and then what's your environment? What are you doing vitamin D is an example. But like magnesium, we are so much more stressed our bodies, our mental stress, the mother lode of it all. We then run through so much magnesium, we use so much magnesium more than we ever have. So that's a supplement where I know you've said before they want to become reliant on it. I would offer to think about it in a different way. How can I allow the supplement to support me? How can I use it as a tool to support me? Not that I need it? But could I feel like my best self on it? Yeah, and so it's comes from more of an empowering lens. I think each supplement has a different use case, magnesium, probably every one single woman listening to this podcast needs to be on magnesium. And probably most of the time. And what I want you to tune into is how do I feel when I take it? It's like a relationship. How do I feel like when I'm with this person? Yeah. And then different is like the immune supplement. Should you give that every day for the rest of their life? No. It's something like what's in our immune products. They're meant to be taken a break up. It's different than a vitamin or a mineral that our body needs all the time it's like a booster optimizes your health for the immune product for example we say okay, if they're not sick do two weeks on two weeks off during cold and flu season. So there's different uses for different supplements. Yeah,


that makes total sense and like even hearing you explain it with working out it's like it might find not working out sure I'm fine. But how good would I feel if I did work out every day and how good would I feel if I did take care of my body and put myself up for success? for the long haul. And so I think even hearing that and saying that it's like Wolf, sure you're fine without it. But what could it be? What could be the other side of it? So I absolutely love that. And I think, again, this common theme throughout all of this is like really getting that intuition, getting that really clear with how you're feeling and your different capabilities as a mom, as a business owner, as a person. So I absolutely love that you have a new product out on the market that speaks so much to so many of us, which is your prenatal, I loved when you shared, you went through the grocery store, you ran out of the prenatal you were taking when you're pregnant, you went through the grocery store, and you shared why every prenatal, in Whole Foods specifically, was maybe not the best option and really broke down the different reasoning. So when did you first feel really inspired to create this product? Because you had stepped into motherhood and pregnancy? And you're like, there's not a lot of good options out there. And here's why I need to create a talk about that process. Yeah,


so when I first got pregnant, I was wildly nauseous, and I was taking the best prenatal on the market. But it didn't have enough of vitamin B six, for example. Vitamin B six is one of the things that can help prevent morning sickness and nausea. And I was like, Why doesn't my prenatal have 50 milligrams, like it should have the D milligrams? And then why does my prenatal have this? Like no, why is I have so much magnesium? No, I want to take most of my magnesium at night so that I sleep really well when I'm pregnant. So it was on the best prenatal on the market. And I can say it was the best prenatal because I'm a functional medicine dietitian, this is my jam. I was taking the best one. And I was like I could do this better. And so I started formulating it, talk to our manufacturer, and it takes a long time to bring supplements to market. So I started formulating it 13 months ago, and it'll when this episodes out, it'll have been 14 months when it launched and it's available to the public. So I created my own and when I was pregnant, it was still getting made and formulated and tested. So I ran out of the prenatal that I was taking went to Whole Foods. I'm so glad that I ran on my prenatal because it showed me how horrific what's available for women in a natural market is. And I was honestly disgusted, like truly like, wait a minute what. And so that was 678 months ago. And now I'm so proud and honored to bring truly what I believe is the best prenatal out there. It has the highest level of quality testing that a prenatal or supplement can have. And I'm just so passionate about it because like moms deserve the best. And if at the basics, we can't get a great prenatal in what the hell are we doing here?


Yeah, and I'm super excited to try it when it comes out. Because so much of what you've taught me is, if you're feeling this way in your pregnancy, it could be because of your prenatal and you're not getting either the supplements and nutrients you need. Or maybe you're getting too much in certain areas or it's not formulated in the right way. Before we even that I learned that with folic acid and like the different like versions of the folate and I definitely can't speak to as well as you can, but how you can look at the back of the label and think that you're getting what you need in your vitamin, but it's actually the form of it, not just the label. And so I think that is so so important. So I'm really excited for us to link that down below and everyone to be able to grab it other than just like trying it and putting it into your body. What else do you want to tell us about it? Oh, gosh,


it's so good. It's I think gonna be because I'm so passionate about it. It's going to be a whole nother level for my company and got personal is like, how can we support moms in a bigger way. Our company has always been about female empowerment is really truly. Now mama empowerment is we have supplements for kids like you talked about immune supplement, allergy supplement, like how many kiddos are taking allergy meds, then then a kid's probiotic. And so it's about supporting the head of the household mama, and then how she can support her family as well. And so yeah, go get it. You guys love it.


Okay, as we finish up, I have a couple of questions for you. But before we get there, all the places that people can get the prenatal connect with you take the quiz and really move forward on their health journey and action or if they're looking for some business support and want to hit some of the success you have. Yeah,


so I'm Bridget Malley on Instagram. If you want to ask me about any of the supplements for yourself or your family let me know functional medicine testing and getting to the root cause. Or like you said, I do business coaching Still very select with that, like it has to be as such a great fit to Yeah, come say hi and then got personal on Instagram and go take the quiz


and you have a new podcast that magnetically. I love your conversations over there. So yeah, link that below how has that been sharing your story in kind of a different light.


It's been awesome. I love it. I'm not consistent with it yet, because I haven't set up the system for it. So I don't know what day I'm gonna record. And then I used to have a podcast agency and now my team is doing it. So it's right now we're figuring out the flow and the system for it. But I've loved it so far and have gotten really great feedback. So yeah, it's magnetic millennial. Come join me over there.


I love it. Okay, so being five months into motherhood, I want to know what has been your biggest surprise and your biggest challenge so far?


My biggest surprise is how much I would love the day to day I love watching my daughter learn. Like right now she's grabbing things with both hands. And she's trying to talk. And she's trying to stand. And so like those small day vicious, I love so much. What was the other thing? Biggest




Figuring out like a work balance for sure. Yeah, yeah.


And do you feel that self inflicted? Or do you feel like that's because of the demands that you truly actually have?


I feel like it's just I have a lot less time. I'm breastfeeding for, I don't know, five hours a day noun. I think a lot of it is and I have gotten good support. Like I said, we have a doula two to three days a week, my husband's home most of the time. And it's still like my time is just last. Yeah.


And we support all forms of feeding in this community. But I will say when people ask me, What are the hardest things about motherhood? I often joke breastfeeding and trimming baby nails. They're like, Oh, for things like these are like two of the hardest things that you have no buffer. We do have a little buffer. But it I feel like your the consistency of your child's nail changes. And the buffer works better in different seasons. And like how fast you can do it. But I do highly recommend for those that are looking baby scissors for nails and the buffer like verse nail actual clippers, I highly recommend each of those side by


does take for 20 minutes. You're like Jesus, like Yeah.


And I think that's why I've leaned towards the scissors more because it's fast. You can just go in trim where the buffer takes a while. It's like a whole spa treatment. Yes. So I think those are a huge challenge that people don't talk about. Now. You've accomplished so many things, you've had so much success on and off paper, you have worked on yourself, you've had the revenue, you've had all the different things, what is something that you're currently really lit up about a goal that is really your primary focus, especially as we're kind of into a new year.


The big goal is that we want to 3x the company this year, and that I feel really excited by because of what we're going to do to get there, which is hiring new people trying new initiatives. Basically, we've never run Facebook ads. So we're going to try that this year. And then getting back to events. Events are our bread and butter, connecting with our affiliates connecting with our community, personalizing people supplements on the spot. So the events is what I'm so lit up by right now. So if someone has an event that you want to SAP or you want me to speak at, let me know, because that is what we are setting. We're doing a lot of events stuff, right.


I love that. Bridgette thank you so much for your time for those that are listening if they were to take one action in the concept of functional medicine getting to the root cause if they were to start really thinking through the root cause of their life, motherhood, their gut health, what is maybe a prompting question or intuition check that you would give them to do today.


What am I not taking action on? That? I know I need to take action.


I love it. So good. And with that. Well, thank you so much Bridget. Thank you. This was so fun. You your story and what you have to offer this world builds me up. I want to meet you join me on Instagram at this is Kelsey Smith. And let's create a ripple effect for mamas with goals together is better




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