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Starting Off On The Right Paw - Dog and Cat Chat with Yvonne
Episode 3012th April 2022 • It's Training Cats and Dogs! • Naomi Rotenberg, Praiseworthy Pets
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There’s a lot to consider when you’re first starting your pet’s journey to coexistence. It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security if problems don’t immediately arise. But rather than wait for things to go wrong, start things off on the right paw!

Yvonne joined me for a Dog and Cat Chat - my new 30 minute free coaching sessions - to find out the best ways to start integrating her new cat Lizzy with the household’s resident Bull Terrier, Sunny.

Key Moments

[01:01] Cast of characters

[02:13] Should I foster a cat? Introducing a cat into a household with a dog and small children.

[02:49] Lizzy’s behavior after being introduced into the household

[04:13] The current state of affairs: The setup in the home

[06:13] Territory plans for Lizzy in the future

[07:09] House layout challenges

[07:48] Expanding territory: initial management ideas

[09:27] Current enrichment for Sunny

[11:30] Meeting individual enrichment needs before bringing two animals together

[12:22] Enrichment ideas for an excitable dog to get those zoomies in

[12:42] Recent adventures with using a flirt pole for enrichment

[13:40] Close play vs distanced play

[13:52] Using play to introduce new skills

[14:00] Knowing when to stop high intensity play

[14:40] Introducing a drop cue for energy regulation

[15:25] Enrichment ideas for Lizzy

[15:50] Why a cat might not be interested in toys

[16:43] Food stations

[17:15] Sunny’s stair behaviors and the adventure with guinea pigs

[19:54] Sunny’s adventures with Lizzy escaping to the second floor

[21:12] Finding threshold distance for beginning setups

[21:27] Initial setups: ideas for starting out

[22:10] Sunny the space reducing pup

[22:25] Lizzy the space seeking kitty?

[23:00] Progressive steps: Setup two

[25:16] Lizzy’s goals for the very first steps

[25:28] Sunny’s goals for the very first steps

[25:51] Establishing two levels of management

[28:02] Expectation management

[29:19] Training eating behaviors


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