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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now 11th January 2021
Brian York, Serial Entrepreneur: Focused, Persistent, & Calm
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Brian York, Serial Entrepreneur: Focused, Persistent, & Calm

In this episode of Supply Chain Now, Enrique Alvarez sits down with Brian York for an exciting interview as he shared his journey from finding his biological mother in Colombia to founding one of the most successful supply chain start ups in Latin America : Liftit (https://liftit.co/en/). 

Brian is a serial entrepreneur, with a VC, accounting, and technology background as well as an early dream to become a professional football / soccer player for Barcelona's first team. He did audit and taxation in Los Angeles before becoming the CFO of a very famous fund (Lowercase capital) lead by a Shark Tank shark Chris Sacca. Working with Chris and his team allowed him to get a very intimate exposure to amazing start up companies like Uber and Instagram before they became unicorns. 

Brian openly shares his experience, mistakes, and key ingredients for a successful start-up company as well as his vision for the future of Supply Chain, technology, and Latin America. 

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