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NACCAP K-12 Membership Benefits: Janet Pargeter
Episode 828th August 2023 • Higher Education, Higher Purpose • NACCAP
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In this episode of the Higher Education, Higher Purpose podcast, host Phil Cook speaks with Janet Pargeter, a retired guidance counselor with 22 years of experience. Janet shares her insights on the importance of networking and building relationships with other counselors to share knowledge and experiences, as well as to provide support and encouragement. She also discusses the benefits of being a NAACAP member, including access to the counselor certification program, fly and drive-ins, Christian college fairs, and the counselor boot camp. Janet offers advice to admissions representatives on building strong relationships with students and parents.

“Having relationships with other counselors and gleaning from them their knowledge and experiences in guidance counseling is what makes us good at our jobs. Not only is it invigorating but it breathes life and gives us value and worth, self-worth, it does all of that. But that's why I call it our superpower because I think it's what creates in us the ability to keep doing what we're doing.” - Janet Pargeter [02:55]

What You Will Learn:

  • [00:47] Janet's background and experience in NAACAP
  • [04:30] Encouragement for new counselors and the value of mentoring 
  • [18:32] Overview of the Council Certification Program
  • [23:40] Introduction to the Counselor Boot Camp
  • [27:44] Christian college fairs
  • [31:59] Building relationships and communicating effectively
  • [33:37] Promoting Christian higher ed 
  • [34:49] Janet's Impact on Christian Education and Ministry


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