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Episode 2414th February 2024 • Black White and Blue in the South • Dr. Jumelle Brooks and Bill Kimler
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Opening Banter (00:00)

Introduction (00:53)

On the Campaign Trail (14:23)

  • Peter Manning earns Hall of Fame spot (Index Journal)
  • (McCormick) Chamber banquet provides chance to reflect on growth, focus on future (Index Journal)

The Supreme Court and the Voting Rights Act (22:27)

  • John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh Really Did Just Save the Voting Rights Act (Slate)
  • Supreme Court Hears Racial Gerrymandering Challenge to South Carolina Voting Maps (NCSL)
  • Supreme Court Served Up Another Chance to Kill Voting Rights Act (Slate)
  • The Social Dilemma (documentary)

Civil Forfeiture (29:34)

  • Congress Has a Real Chance to Fix One of the Most Commonly Abused Snares in the Criminal Justice System (Slate)
  • H.R.1525: Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act of 2023 or the FAIR Act of 2023 (
  • South Carolina Supreme Court drops the ball on asset forfeiture reform (Reuters)
  • Asset forfeitures rankings by state (Freedom in the 50 States)

SC Cuts the Duration of Unemployment Benefits (40:14)

  • SC House votes to cut how long laid-off workers can collect benefits when unemployment is low (Index Journal)
  • The States With The Best And Worst Unemployment Benefits—And Why They’re So Different (Forbes)
  • How is the Unemployment Rate Calculated? (Connecticut Department of Labor)

Closing (52:08 )

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